That's How Butterfield Does It!

January 4 - 8, 2016

Spring 2016 - Our Work - Together . . .

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Core Beliefs

  • Relationships

We believe in relationships founded on respect, caring, and the belief that all students can succeed.

  • Expectations
We believe in high expectations for our students to equip our students for success as learners and citizens.
  • Motivation
We believe in igniting a passion for learning, overcoming adversity, and accepting failure as a necessary step to lifelong learning and success.
  • Readiness
We believe in preparing students for the thinking, social, technological, and life skills needed to be contributing and productive citizens.
Survive or Thrive

Our goal: To move from surviving to thriving.

Vision: Our vision is to unite a community of lifelong learners and problem solvers who work together to meet the needs of the whole child, so that every student can possess the necessary tools to make a difference in our world, both now and in the future.

Mission: Through habits of work and learning, we can reach this vision by partnering with students, families, and the community to ensure that all students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with:
  • David Stogsdill - recovering from surgery
  • David Fagan - recovering from surgery
  • Dustin Chambers (Percussion instructor - father of Ariana - husband to Stacey, works in finance at admin) - on the death of his father on Thursday, Jan. 7th.
  • Julie Konzelman - on the death of her brother on Friday, Jan. 8th.
  • Sarah Sweatman - granddaughter Rosie in Children's Hospital recovering from Friday, Jan. 8th heart surgery (thanks Cindy Green for keeping us updated).

We are thrilled to Welcome Back this week (starting Monday, January 11th):

  • Lee Ann Howard
  • Cindy Leslie


  • Daily - short email communication each morning from Johnny - with information for each day.
  • Weekly - email newsletter "That's How Butterfield Does It!" from Karen.
  • Other - Butterfield Bytes, website, social media from multiple people across our school :-)

It's important we ALL know what is "happening" in our school - to help us "thrive!"

Technology - Coming Soon . . .

  • Infrastructure update - wireless - by end of second week . . . hoping :-)
  • Chromebooks for every student - deploy in next 2 weeks . . . :-)


Dynamic and manageable way to record and communicate Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs) - moving to the next level to truly develop these important habits, supporting our students in becoming successful and productive citizens.

Introducing Live School and gathering your input as we "field test" this system this semester. Another step to help us "thrive!"

We are looking forward to ANOTHER GREAT WEEK - - - - - - Week 2 of Spring 2016! Happy New Year!