President Andrew Jackson

"Not a hero but a zero"

Trail of tears

Andrew Jackson removed Native Americans off of their land because Georgia wanted the area. The land had fertile soil and it was said that there was gold. The Native Americans were forced to live in Oklahoma, during their travel many native Americans died of disease and harsh weather.

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Overuses Power

Andrew Jackson overuses his power, He vetoed more bills than any normal president. Andrew Jackson has no respect for the constitution and ignored the amendment. During his presidency, Jackson abused his power for unnecessary thing. He uses his power for evil.

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Spoil System

Andrew Jackson gave anyone who was loyal to him a place in his cabinet or a government job. When Jackson gave people a place in his cabinet many people thought that this was unfair and not right. He gave people these jobs to reward them for helping him to become president.

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Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows how Andrew Jackson replaced many federal employees and replaced them with people who have supported him.

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Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy Native American Indian