Executive Steward

Vanessa & Justin

Description and annual salary

oversees staff members within the dining facilities.

ensure that all laws and regulations that govern food service provision are followed.

In 2010, Salary.com reported that executive stewards in the United States of America earned an average annual salary of $38,421.

responsiblities and duties

manages kitchen and the staff members who work in it.

*doesn't supervise the chefs

all dishwashers, kitchen runners and busboys work under an executive stewards supervision

In addition to hiring these professionals, he delegates their duties and supervises their work


A high school diploma, bachelors degree


direct his/ her team in preparing the facility for customer use.

This includes ensuring that all dishware and pre-prepared food such as salads and beverages are ready, sees that all condiments and utensils are where they need to be.

directs staff members in the cleaning and maintenance of the dining room and food preparation areas