Seeing Through Lamiyahs Eyes

Fundraising Appeal

Lamiyahs Condition "Septo-Optic" Dyplasia: This means her mid-brain structures are not fully developed and both her optic nerves are small resulting in Blindness and Developmental Delays

We are currently running a fundraising appeal for little Lamiyah who is in desperate need of a ground breaking stem-cell treatment operation where we are hoping to send lamiyah to china for this treatment to be given.

Lamiyah was born blind and we have great hope that we can give her the gift of sight by fundraising the £30,000 needed for this invaluable operation. We have already raised a substantial amount but as yet we are far from out target. We appeal to you for the help of any kind of donation you could possibly make towards our appeal and would be extremely grateful to you for it.

To help Lamiyah you can donate to a charity bank account: HSBC, branch sort code - 40-13-15, account number 34402545. Cheques can also be made payable to seeing through lamiyahs eyes.

Together we can give Lamiyah the chance to see the world through her own eyes.

Thankyou very much x x

Feel free to take a look at lamiyahs website and facebook page

For any more information you can contact me larelle ellsworth (lamiyahs mummy) on my email address below or through my facebook.

Thankyou for taking time out to read through our appeal