Black Holes

I will teach you about these amazing strong forces of nature

How Black Holes are made

There are many ways they can form. One of the most common ways is when a star collapses or when it explodes i can create a Black Hole. Also they can form from star collisions. Star clusters are another way the can be made.

Where they are

Most Black Holes are just rooming the universe in random places. Yet in most large galaxies including our own Milky Way Galaxy there is a supermassive Black Hole in the center of the Galaxy.

How big Black Holes are and how old they are

Some Black Holes can be very old yet some Black Holes can be very young. The average size of of Black Holes are about 10-24 times the size of our sun. Yet supermassive Black Holes can be millions or even billions times the size of our sun.

The scientists that made Black Holes known

Albert Einstien was the first person who predicted that there were something out there like Black Holes. Then Archibald Wheeler popularized the theory of Black Holes.

The characteristics of Black Holes

Black Holes have no volume what so ever yet they are super dense and have a lot of mass. These have so much gravity that nothing can escape it even light can't escape it. Why Black Holes have so much of these 3 things is because it like having earth shrank down to a lead bb. It is small yet still has the same amount of gravity. Also Black Holes produce gamma rays.