Endangered Species

Arnysia Mack

Name Scientific Name

Hectors Dolphin

Cephalorhynochus Hectori

Color Size Range Weight Range Outstanding Characteristics

greyish , white , and a part is black

1.2-1.4 m long

about 50 kg

A blow hole on the top of its head where the air is sucked in and water is blew out.

Animal Group/Habitat/Food

Delphinade Family

Sandy Bottom such as flounder, inhabits shallow coastal waters less than loom typicannly found within 7km of the coast

fish,star fish,squid

Where is this animal found?

New Zealand , Peninsula, in the South

5 interesting Facts

eats in groups

torpedo shaped

live in water up to 300ft. deep

smallest/rarest marine dolphin

classified endangered by the IUCN

Why is this animal endangered ?

This animal is endangered because of the conservation work at the dolphin sanctuary at the banks of their homes.

How many are expected to be alive?

just 8000


Regulating local fish populations

Steps that are being taken to keep this animal safe

Stop fishing on the banks