Galileo galilei

why galileo is a hero

  • He was successful with the scientist of the scientific revolution
  • He also studied the stars,moon,space,and plants
  • He made a telescope to look at little things everywhere
  • He also used his telescope to look at the moon and the uneven surface of the moon
  • Galileo was discovering the moon for four years
  • He was on house arrest from the church
  • He taught mathematics
  • He regular observations of the heavens using a telescope
  • He was remarkable series of discoveries mountains on the earths moon

Why did galileo dislike the church

about the church

  • He was on houses arrest for the rest of his life
  • The church made him tell people the earth doesn't move
  • He thought that he could win against the church so he wrote a book
  • He made enemies with people that he could make them look like fools
  • His book was removed from the famous index of banned books
  • They said he was guilty