Animal Farm

Sebastian Kannenberg


He is not the smartest, but he is the strongest in the whole barn. He is oblivious to Napoleons corruption.

"I will work harder "

He thinks the answer to everything is that he needs to work harder, which plays in to him not being smart.

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Corruption on the Farm

The pigs took over the farm and slept on beds, drank whiskey and lied to the animals. They got better rations than the other animals . The other animals are not smart enough to save themselves. The pigs became so much like man, the animals could not tell the difference.

The Battle of the Windmill

It is when Fredrick blew up the windmill that took forever to make. As a result the animals attacked Fredrick and his men and chased them back to his farm . They could not use any of what was left of the windmill.
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The Animal Farm Flag

It is a green flag with a horn and a horse shoe on it. The flag symbolizes the rebellion to get freed from Jones. It gave them hope when there was none to give . It is animal farm.
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