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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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New Items

The "Sap is Rising" class visits

The Admin team will be visiting classes this week to review practices, protocols, and expectations for students at Howell Middle. Some of the areas we will address include (but are not limited to) running in the halls, packing up early, academics, cheating, setting lockers, dismissal, technology and Social Media.

Teaching the Character Connection Class (CCC):

Just a reminder... Our CCCs are designed for relationship building, community service, and service-learning. CCCs should not be used as a Study Hall time. Having said that, it should be understood that during times when teachers are evaluating goals with students, the other students in the class can be working on school assignments. Just remember the focus of the Character Connection Class is to build those relationships with our students.

December 8th Plan Time Meetings

We will meet on Tuesday, December 8th as a follow up to the November 18th RtI PD. Also, we will discuss ideas for for a prototype Master Schedule. We will look at 1. RtI schedule with Intervention time and 2. Master Schedule designed with opportunities for Differentiation in the classroom setting.

CUES Survey Results

2nd Quarter

Administrative Team communicates information and has open channels for communication

Percentage SA/A

Qtr 1: 97.78% (44)

Qtr 2: 98.25% (56)

Percentage D/SD

Qtr1: 2.22% (1)

Qtr2: 1.75% (1)

The Administrative Team has a united front

Percentage SA/A

Qtr 1: 90.09% (41)

Qtr 2: 96.49% (55)

Percentage D/SD

Qtr 1: 9.09% (9)

Qtr2: 3.51% (2)

There is evidence of Academic Focus at FHMS.

Percentage SA/A

100% (45)

100% (57)

The Administrative Team is supportive and visible.

Percentage SA/A

Qtr 1: 95.56% (43)

Qtr: 94.65%(53)

Percentage D/SD

Qtr 1: 4.44% (2)

Qtr 2: 5.36% (3)

RPDC visits with Mini PLCs

Brooke Prickett will be visiting (2nd of 3 visits) Mini PLCs on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Building Climate Survey

The building climate survey will be sent the week of December 14th. Please remember the questions are based upon FHMS.

The link will be sent to you by Central office but remember it is a building climate survey.

Important Information

Superintendent Search Update

If you'd like to learn more about the Superintendent Search process or provide input, there are two more open forum events you can attend.

Evening Open Forum nights:


December 01 FHC (auditorium)

December 07- FHN (TBD)

TIME: 6:30 – 7:15

Staff Members of the Year

Below you will find the electronic links (if you prefer this procedure). You will receive forms and deadlines in your mailbox next week.

Support Staff Nomination Online Form

Certified Staff Nomination Online Form

Updated SIP

Here is the updated SIP with all of the information that was reviewed with Dr.Garland during her Nov 12th site visit.

For Your Information...

Teaching Bell to Bell

Classroom instruction should e taking place using the "Bell to Bell" practice. Students are not to "pack up" and line up at the door at the end of class. If there is time at the end of class (2-3 minute), the students can remain seated and read until the class period ends. If you have questions, please see and administrator.

Entering Grades in Infinite Campus

Remember to enter grades in to Infinite Campus in a timely manner.


Discovery Education
Changes to Discovery Education (formally United Streaming) were recently made. All of the content is still there, but the ability to assign content to your students has been added. Also recently added was “Board Builder”, a resource that allows students to demonstrate their learning in a similar way to Glogster. Our January 28 Tech Café will be an opportunity for teachers to learn to use Discovery Education.

Here is the new way to login to Discovery Education:

Username: District Username Example: jabargielski
Password: EmployeeID# Example: 12345
Username: FirstInitial+MiddleInitial+LastName Example: jabargielski456
Password: StudentID Example: 123456
**NOTE: Usernames for students includes a middle initial. This is not consistent with how students login to computers and most other accounts. If students have trouble logging in, this the first thing to double-check.

Please see Jeff Bargielski if you have trouble logging in.

Tech Fest '16 will be held on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. There will be a Sodexo Boxed Lunch option available.


Walkthroughs continue to demonstrate a solid application of NEE indicator 3.1. Also, our 1st Quarter NEE average with this indicator was 6.3. Congratulations everyone.


The QFIC Objective continues to remain as a non-negotiable. 77.6% of observed lessons (through the end of 1st Quarter) were QFIC. SIP Goal is 75% by the end of the year!


Academic Blackout Dates

Our next window of Blackout Dates will be December 14-18. If you have questions about these dates please see Dr. Huff, Mrs. James, or Dr. Lee.


December Birthdays

2 Admir Muhic

3 Debbie Simmons

7 Lisa Davis

10 Debbie Melchor

15 Keely Abeln

23 Laurie Fontanini

Upcoming Dates

December 1-4: Teacher /Support Staff Nominations

December 2: RPDC Mini PLC visits

December 4: Breakfast Club (MOCR) 7:30 a.m.

December 7-11: Teacher/Support Staff voting takes place

December 7: Choir Concert (Dardenne Presbyterian Church)7 :00 p.m.

December 7: CITW Walkthroughs with Dr. Buckman

December 8: Plan Time MeetingsRtI &Master Schedule (MOCR)

December 10: 7th/8th Grade Band Concert

December 11: RtI Staff Survey/ PD Survey (Learning Commons) 7:50 a.m.