Ha Long Bay

By Grace Diliberto

social elements of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage-listed site. this means that it is a tourist attraction.

The main land of Ha Long Bay is heavy populated while the outer parts such as Cat Ba island are sparsely populated, the total population of Ha Long Bay is 221,580 this was recorded in 2010.

The main language spoken in Ha Long Bay is Vietnamese but other languages used are Latin and English.

The Currency Used in Ha Long Bay is the Vietnam Dong.


Different Groups of people have lived here over time but there where 3 main cultures over time they are Soi Nhu, Ha Long and Cai Beo. In 1883 the French occupied the aria and the they now have a big influence on the aria.

A legend says that the islands of Ha Long Bay where created by a great dragon from the mountains. one of the people there says, "As it charged towards the coast its failing Tail Gouged out valleys and caves, when it finally plunged into the water the area filled with water leaving only the islands visible.


Most of the land in Ha Long Bay consists of rocky grounds, caves, underground rivers, sinkholes and an absence of surface streams and lakes.

Most of Ha Long Bay is made up of spectacular limestone pillars that is apart of a mature Karst environment.

The climate in summer is 27-29 degrees, and in winter it is 16-18 degrees.

Economical and Political

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination because of its warm climates and natural land features. The island Relies on its fishing industry and tourism.