2016 4-H Leaders Retreat!

Keep Soaring with 4-H

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This Retreat will be paid for (transportation and hotel) by your Fremont County Extension Office! It is designed as a train-the-trainer event and participants are encouraged to use information from the sessions to teach 4-H members in their clubs and counties! We need at least 6 4-H leaders to commit to this to consider going!

2016 4-H Leaders Retreat!

Friday, Feb. 5th 2016 at 4pm to Saturday, Feb. 6th 2016 at 8pm

Iowa State University, Ames, IA, United States

Ames, IA

Friday Evening 7:30 - 9:30

During the evening, participants will be able to choose from several hands-on activities that can be taken back and used with their clubs. Instructions for these activities will be provided. You may participate in any of the projects that interest you. Choices include:

Hot Dog Pillowcases - Diana Cox

What does a hot dog have to do with a pillowcase? The “hot dog” technique is used to create a pillowcase with a perfect border. The pillowcases will be used to hold donations for a domestic violence shelter. Bring personal care items and new or gently used twin sized sheets to put into the cases. Fabric and machines will be provided. Please bring sewing pins and a pair of scissors.

Glass Etching - Mindy Kephart

Create a decorative piece of glassware at this workshop and then be able to show others the process. Glassware will be provided; however, if you have a piece you would like to use, you may bring it.

Soaps and Salts - Geneva Harrison

Come and enjoy yourself learning how to make guest soaps and salts of various designs. These soaps can be used for yourself or as gifts. It is a good project for clubs to make as gifts for Mom or as part of a spa day.

Ooey, Gooey Fun - Sally Fisher

You will be able to make several different fun and gooey things to take back to your club. Use these activities to show how different products react when combined with each other.

Grab a snack, take a break between activities, and chat with other volunteers from across the state. Share ideas about your club projects, activities, and experiences.

Saturday Sessions

Session A: 9:10 - 10:25

A-1 Design Boot Camp - Sue Bogue

If you find explaining or understanding the elements and principles of design somewhat intimidating or confusing, this is the workshop for you! We will cover the elements and principles in a basic, kid-friendly, hands-on manner. Participants will gain a greater understanding of elements and principles and a way to explain them to others.

A-2 Highlighting the ‘STEM’ in 4-H Clover Kids - Clover Kid Specialist

Are you wondering how the push for STEM affects your Clover Kids group? Learn how to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) into your Clover Kids group through educational and engaging activities.

A-3 4-H Club Financial Management: Helping Your Members Do the Right Thing - Mitch Hoyer

Teaching and guiding your 4-H members in managing club finances can be tricky. We’ll explore how you can make club finances a better learning opportunity for members. After all, 4-H club treasuries should be managed by youth, not the adult leader. You’ll also learn about new state 4-H guidelines on club financial reviews, approval of fundraising activities, and other best practices to ensure your 4-H club finances add up correctly.

A-4 Make Drama Happen at Your Meetings - Lynn Arterburn

When is having drama at your club meetings a good thing? When members are actively engaged in theatrical drama of course! Join us for a fast paced workshop full of theater games, skits, improvisation, and other activities that will provide you with new ideas for teaching communication to your club along with a number of other life skills. Many activities are appropriate for Share the Fun, Family Night, fundraisers, or other events where entertainment is needed.

A-5 Low Prep/No Prep Meeting Ideas- Mindy Kephart

Learn some new, fun ways to engage your 4-Hers without having to spend a lot of time and resources. Maximum: 20

Session B: 10:40 - 11:55

B-6 Three, Two, One, Launch Your Club Year! - Linda Cline and Jessica Norman

Still have questions about being a 4-H volunteer? Spend this time with other volunteers sharing and hearing tips that have worked with clubs and youth. Do 4-H’ers understand the three parts of a goal? What kind of field trips are available to 4-H’ers? Does room set up make a difference at club meetings? Let’s learn from each other. Maximum: 20

B-7 Tips for Working with Groups of Youth - Janet Martin

Gain strategies, games and ideas for activities as youth arrive at the meeting; dividing youth into groups; keeping everyone involved; being clear and specific in communication; making transitions between the parts of the meeting; and maximizing success and participation for youth. Be prepared for an action packed “hands-on” workshop to sharpen your communication skills, “manage” your meeting before it begins, and increase “hands-on” participation.

B-8 Iowa 4-H’s Next American Inventor!?! Find the Entrepreneur in You - Judi Eyles and Diana Wright

This session will give participants the opportunity to invent a new product idea then learn the process of turning it into an income-generating venture. Come prepared to have fun! Presenters will share resources available for those interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial idea.

B-9 Picture This: Photography Exhibit Preparation - Ray Reynolds

Learn how to prepare a photograph for exhibit: applying rules for improving composition, goal writing, form completion, etc. Learn about the newly established class for digital photography. There will be opportunities for hands-on experiences and practices. We will discuss other topics as requested.

B-10 Floral Design - Pam Vander Molen

Did you ever wonder what to do with that beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers that you picked up at the grocery store? From fresh flowers to silks, you will learn some techniques that will have you designing like a pro in no time. We will make a corsage, boutonniere, and a center piece. There will be lots of ideas for you to look at and information to take home and share. It’s easier than you think and budget friendly. Basics are easy to use with youth. There is a little creativity in everyone. If possible, please bring a pair of wire cutters. Maximum: 20 / Session Fee: $10

Session C: 1:00 - 3:30

C-11 STEM? What if I don’t know the answers? - Gail Castillo

Build your confidence with STEM! Experience hands-on activities that you can take back to your 4-H club. Encourage members to get curious about the world around them. (And NO, you don’t have to know the answers!)

C-12 Barnyard Olympics - Marion County Youth Council

Learn how the Marion County Youth Council hosts a fun and exciting family event each year at the county fair. Participate in numerous games and be prepared to have a lot of FUN!

C-13 Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and More: Exploring Meterology - Cassie Happel, Nick Lesser, and Lauren Walker

This session will include information about weather safety, basic meteorology, and fun weather related activities that can be done with everyday household items.

C-14 Explore Food Science! - Kate Gilbert, MS

Learn the secrets of baking, the power of protein chemistry within foods, and the inner mysteries of fruits and vegetables! This hands-on session will enhance your knowledge of how ingredients and cooking methods affect food products, provide ideas for food and nutrition activities to use with 4-Hers, and supplement the What’s On Your Plate? Exploring Food Science facilitator guides

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