Wolf Brother

By, Michelle Paver

Wolf Brother...... Summary

Touk a young boy that ran away from his clan with his dad, and all of a sudden he faces one of his toughies challenge. He has to avenged his fathers death from a demon that was trapped in a bears body, and its getting more and more evil by the day. With his spirit guide, the wolf, and some help he will save everyone from this demon creature.

Wolf Brother........Setting

It all started on a fall night Touk woke up from a scream of help from his dad. Touk is standing up and ready, and only to see his father on the ground like he was mauled by a animal. do Touk goes to his aid, and to only see the attacker a shadowy figure then he sees it his worst nightmare.

Wolf Brother......... Climax

The climax is when Touk was captured by the raven clan and told that he is the listener and he can kill the demon bear that has been turning the woods full of life into a grave yard.All Touk has to do is go to the mountain and destroy the bear.

Wolf Brother........

Well, you heard the facts I just hope that you seem very interested in this book. If you want to read this book for a project or just for fun check it out at the neatest library or if you go to West DePere Middle school you can go to Mr. Chervosky room and check it out from him. well its my time i just hope that one day you can read this great tell of how a little kid became a hero to all.

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Wolf Brother........


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