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Tally Youngblood finds herself in a world that's not so perfect after all. In a society where your apperance is altered on your 16th birthday to become super pretty anyone without the sugery is considered ugly. Tally looses Peris her childhood friend to Pretty town, and misses him so much she takes huge risks and sneaks into town to see him. Later Tally leared that Peris didn't want to have anything to do with uglyvill. Longing for a friend she meets Shay and they had a blast until Shay leaves to somewhere called the Smoke. Special Circumstances shows up and make Tally decide between 2 completly diffrent worlds. Will Tally be able to keep herself whole?

why anyone should read this book

Uglies has something for everyone, theres drama, action, great plot and more. Uglies was a quick read too. So if you're like me and don't have too much time uglies was a great book. Uglies could be read at almost any level without difficulty. I would highly recommend this book to a friend.

Place: The Smoke

the smoke is where runaway uglies have been hiding avoiding the sugery and living a "rusty" lifestyle. Most everything is handmade rather than made by the city.

New Pretty Town

A place where young and just turned Pretties hang out, often drunk and out of there minds. Peris resided here and where Tally took great risk to sneak into. Most bridges can tell if someones crossing and they will get into big troble if they cross the brigde without being pretty

The Rusty Ruins

Ruins from cities that were destroyed years ago when rusties lived there. The Ruins Shay and Tally visited was an old amusement park with rollercoasters. They could hoverboard easily there because the metal in the rails of the old rollercoaster.