Morgan French

What Is Bromine?

Bromine is the only nonmetallic element that is liquid at normal room temperatures. It is named after the Greek word for stench, bromos. It is found in the environment (soils, salts, sea salt, and air)
It is highly volatile. The color in its elemental form is reddish-brown and usually a liquid.
It is never found naturally in its elemental form.

History And Discoverer

Bromine was originally discovered by Carl Lowig. His research unfortunately took too and Antonic- Jerone Balard published a paper claiming and describing it.

Products And Uses

Uses: Water purification, Agriculture, Cars, Healthcare, Photography
Products: Pesticides, Beverages, Swimming pools, Non-organic produce, Ponds/Farms
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  • Used for important purposes long before it was discovered.
  • Bromine does not occur naturally on Earth as an element.
  • Bromine is only the 64th most common element on Earth.
  • Somewhat transparent, even though it is a dark, reddish color.
  • Evaporates easily under normal conditions.
  • Bromine was a component of World War 2 era poison gas.
  • The US and Israel, typically extracted from the Dead Sea, are the world's two largest producers.