Sabercat Update


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Unfortunately, Smith Middle School was not immune to the "Tik Tok Devious challenge Lick". It has caused many disruptions to the campus, the learning environment, and the district. On our campus, we had four of our boys' bathrooms affected. The damage included, soap dispensers torn off the wall, broken soap dispensers, broken sink faucets and sinks pulled off and away from the wall. We have had to close affected bathrooms until district maintenance can repair the damage.

Sadly, that is in addition to the stealing of teachers' belongings.

The total lack of disrespect for teachers and school property is disheartening to our campus. We know that we have incredible students on our campus. We hope our students will begin to show leadership and integrity by not tolerating this behavior from their peers. We need our students to take pride in our campus and not let students destroy it.

Parents, talk with your students. Please check on what your child is accessing on social media. We need students to adopt the "see something, say something" frame of mind. Remember, students are always able to turn in anonymous tips to the tipline.


Becky Koop

Parent Reminders:

  • When you send an email, our policy is that teachers respond within approximately 24 hours. Please remember teachers are sometimes in meetings during their designated planning time and unable to answer emails. Teachers may have to respond at the end of the school day. (example: You email the teacher at 2:00 PM on a Thursday, the teacher may not be able to respond until after school on Friday. Many teachers have 130+ students and they may receive multiple emails from parents and then work related emails.)
  • Teachers have a few days to grade and post the grade from a student's redo/retest in Opportunity Lab. It will not be immediate and does not follow the same grading guidelines as the original assignment or assessment.
  • Tutoring at Smith is "Invitation Only". Students can not just drop by. Tutoring is TEKS based and lessons have been planned for the students invited. If your student needs additional instruction, please contact the teacher.
  • HOME ACCESS (HAC) is the official location for student's grades. Schoology is not.