Eldah Food!

Baby food for grown ups!

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What is Eldah Food?

Eldah Food is a all new product that allows elders who cannot eat food without dentures to eat food without the hassle of dentures! No longer do they have to worry about chewing things they can no longer do by themselves. They will make elders feel more in control and more liberated from not being able to chew their food!

How is it used?

Eldah Food taste like regular food, but it's actually baby food. No you're not a baby for using it. Now you can just open the jar and eat! It's that simple!
Age: Elder 60-100
Interests: Elders who want to live own their own without any support from an "old person" home.
Ethnicity: None really, because there are elders from each race.
Gender: Gender neutral.
Economic status: People who are more middle class, because they are usually the ones in the homes.
Baby food for elders