North vs South

Differences between the north and the south

Payton H.

Geography in the North

In the North they had all four seasons. Hundreds of bays and sea harbors. It was rocky and hilly it was also the central plains. The North had some of the best agricultural soil in the world.

Economy of the North

The economy of the North was based on factories to make goods that they could sell.

Transportation in the North

In the North trains traveled fast than steam boats. A bill was passed to give states money to build more roads. River travel was still faster and cheaper than travel by land. Rail roads were the future of transplantation. By 1840's more than 20,00 miles of rail linked the Northern factories to other factories hundreds of miles away.

Society in the North

The North had its wealthy class but famers and laborers liked to believe to create a comfortable life they have to work hard. The North freed all black people but they weren't getting treated as equal as whites.

Geography in the South

In the South they had mild winters ad long hot summers. They had damp lowlands, swamps, and marshes.

Economy of the South

The economy was based on agriculture and farming. The cotton gin was a big impact on the economy in the South. Only one factory was successful in the South.

Transportation in the South

The south traveled by water because it was easy and cheap. Some railroads were built in the South.

Society in the South

In the South they had a social structure with a few rich plantation owners at the top, white famers and workers in the middle, and African Americans -mostly slaves- at the bottom. Ten percent of whites were poor. The great majority of African Americans in the South were slaves.