Hygiene in Girls

Shianne Lindsay

Why is hygiene important?

Personal hygiene is important to prevent illness and improve appearance. It plays an important role in social acceptance and can either improve or hinder a person's reputation in social situations.

Staying clean

It is very important to shower daily, washing your face and hair as well. Showering cleans the skin of dirt and dead skin that builds up over a day and makes your hair silky soft and shiny. Washing your face twice a day, especially before bed to take off any makeup, is very important, makeup will clog the facial pores and cause acne, and no one wants that.
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Brushing your teeth

In order to keep your teeth clean and white, brush them twice (or more) a day. This prevents cavities, gingivitis (tender, swollen, and discolored gums), and bad breath, all while making your smile shine.
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Smelling good

Wearing deodorant is huge. It reduces body odor, and hides some sweat, without it, things are never good. You may not notice your own body odor, but others might!
To go a little farther, perfume or lotion is never a bad idea, just not too much!