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Highlight of the Week: Colosseum Finished!

The Colosseum of Rome is finally finished after about 8 years! Citizens of Rome have been eager to see the finishing touches of the Colosseum and even more excited to see the action taken place inside! They have built it to fit between 50,000 to 80,000 people! I know that you don't have anything to do today, so come to the Colosseum!

Accomplishment of the Week: Triumvirate Government!

Have you ever heard of a government ruled by three? Well now you have, because here in Rome we now have what is called a Triumvirate government where there are three rulers! The three wonderful rulers include the very popular Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. We look forward to seeing what the three of them have to do for the Republic!

Breaking News: The Huns Strike Again!

The Barbaric group of nomadic people, the Huns, have struck again! The Huns have been the most feared group of Barbarians Rome has ever encountered, and just two days ago they attacked the Western Empire. An eyewitness stated that they rode in on their horses and just started killing whoever they could find! Some people are even starting to worry if Rome is strong enough to beat them.

The Opinion Article: The Patricians

Marcus Alias:

I am Marcus and I am a Patrician. Although there are not many of us, I feel like we have made the biggest impact in Rome. We, as Patricians, control the government. Without the government, there is no Republic! The Patricians are the face of Rome!

Thank You!

Remembering Caesar!

We remember one of our beloved Triumvirate rulers and army general who died March 15 today. Julius was born in 100 BCE into a Patrician family, and was the nephew of Marius (Roman general). He later became successful in politics and military. Caesar and his two other friends (Crassus and Pompey) became known as the first three Triumvirate rulers, making him one of the most important people in Rome. A little bit after Crassus died, Julius and Pompey went to war, and Julius was victorious in the end! He then had a love interest with Cleopatra who was ruler of Egypt at the time. A couple of years later he was unfortunately stabbed to death by a mob of senators. That day we lost someone who made an amazing impact on our iives and gave us courage and freedom! The year of 44 BCE will never be forgotten! Julius will NEVER be forgotten!

Long Live Gaius Julius Caesar!

Interview with Claudius!

Interviewer: Jacob Bailey

  • I, Jacob Bailey, got to meet the very popular and current emperor, Claudius, who was born on August 1, 10 BCE and became emperor in 41 AD. The Interview is Below:

J: So Claudius, you have been emperor for 5 years now! Congratulations!

C: Thank you! I'm looking forward to many more years as emperor!

J: Now let's talk about your childhood.

C: My childhood is not something I think of as the good old days. I was known for being very clumsy and unattractive, and my parents thought of me as an embarrassment. They left me with books and my studies. Later on in my life that is all I would do. Me reading all of those books brought me to where I am now.

J: Such an AMAZING story! Now this being your fifth year as emperor already, many people don't think you are suitable for doing even another year and that you have not made any big choices. How would you respond to that?

C: Well Jacob, I feel like I have been a very productive emperor instead of being one making big decisions.

J: I agree! What do you think is the biggest choice you have made?

C: I feel like the biggest choice I have made would be executing Cassius Chaerea.

J: I feel that is a great choice as well! Like every other emperor, you have been disliked by some, and others have tried to KILL you! Does stuff like this ever make you feel like retiring and not be emperor anymore?

C: I am aware that I am disliked and have been a suspect in attempted murder, but nothing in the world could make me pass up this opportunity! I worked hard to get to this spot and I will not let some fools and bullies ruin it!

J: Thank you very much Claudius!

The Geography Article: The Diana Hunting Party

Come with me, Jacob Bailey, to worship the powerful goddess of hunting, Diana! We will be going at dawn in the forest to hunt and eat. Lunch will be provided, but you bring your own weapons and tools! Men ages 10 and up are welcome!

Come and Have a Good Time Hunting and Worshiping our goddess Diana!

The Great Adventures of Egypt!

Are you bored and looking for a vacation? Then come to Egypt where the sun is bright and sand is gold! Come see the amazing pyramids and all the amazing temples and tombs! Like we say here in Egypt: "A day not in Egypt is a day wasted."

Elect Hortensius As Your Consul!

Voting for Hortensius means a vote for Security and Safety!

He's so powerful that the Huns will not even want to look us in the eye! Hortensius, being a consul, means that you will not only see an improvement in our army but also in YOUR lives! The year that he is consul will be the best year of your life and the lives of the Republics.

Letter to the Editor: Christianity is WRONG


My name is Clara and I am against Christianity! What kind of religion would worship someone who isn't even a god?! It gets me so mad to see my friends and neighbors talking all about how cool Christianity is, and that they are converting! Even my husband has talked about it! I will not let some other kind of religion ruin my life!

Thank You!

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Next Week:

Find out if the goddess, Ceres, is mad and causing a drought in the harvest fields!

From actress to royalty! Learn about Theodora's life story next week!