Kennedy Crawford 7-2-5



Kennedys Kandy Kabana has the best candy in the world! Made fresh daily with only the best quality of ingredients! Not only do we have the best candy in the world but the best prices! This week only we will be having a sale on our top ten best sellers in the store! Happy Snacking!

Just a few of our fantastic products!

Giant Jelly Bellies #4

Giant Jelly bellies are the perfect size for a candy meal! Not only with you be stuffed but they are so good you will be asking for more! They are $.50 each now 23% off. They are now only $.38 each!

Snow Cones #5

The perfect snack for to cool down on the hottest of summer days. Coming in many flavors. They were $2.50 each now 40% off! They are now $1.50.