~MY Academy~ February Newsletter

MY School. MY Way.

Our Core Values

Diversity ~ Inclusivity ~ Academic Excellence ~ Hope ~ Service ~ FEEDBACK~ Gratitude

Our Core Values drive everything we do at MY Academy. Each month, we will focus on one or two Core Values to highlight.


Feedback Is Critical. We want to hear your thoughts. We want to be the best for you. We believe that to be the best we need feedback and to hear the voices of our students, families, and the community.

MY Academy January 2021 Graudation

In case you missed it:

  • Congratulations to our January 2021 Graduating Class!
  • Here is a recording of the ceremony in case you missed it:
My Academy Graduation 2021


Feedback From Teachers

  • Welcome to Spring Semester! We are a few weeks into semester two.
  • Your teachers can help you complete project-based learning and connect with other students in the process.
  • Talk to your teacher about your curriculum and the options you have.
  • Ask them for feedback and multiple ways to show what you know.


Types of Learners

  • Not all people learn the same way. Think about how you learn best:
  • Can you do something after watching someone do it on YouTube?
  • Or do you like to read the manual, with step-by-step instructions?
  • Maybe you just like to dig in figure it out along the way?
  • There are many different types of learners. Talk to your Teacher of Record about how you learn best.


Report Cards

  • Teachers will have semester one report cards completed soon. Be sure to touch base with your Teacher of Record to receive your report card and the feedback they have to give.

SBAC Testing

  • In December, we shared with you that Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessment is administered as part of California’s state testing program.
  • As we get closer to the testing window, we want to share a handout with important information about testing, including practice test information and different supports and tools.
  • Please view the information to help prepare for the testing.
  • If you have questions, reach out to your Teacher of Record.

School Culture and Support

Your Path:

  • Are you happy with the path you are currently on? Are you enjoying the classes you are taking or do you want to take a different route?
  • Talk to your Teacher of Record about your options. Your teacher is here to support your goals so be sure to bring them up in your next weekly meeting.
  • Please share a photo with your Teacher of Record, taking advantage of your flexible time you have being enrolled at MYA. Are you snowboarding, fishing, spending time with family? Snap a photo and send it to your ToR!

Bring Change To Mind (BC2M) Club:

  • MY Academy has started its own chapter of the nationally recognized club called Bring Change to Mind, an organization centered on reducing the stigma around topics of mental health.
  • The student-led club meets virtually twice per month where club members present on topics of mental health, provide support in those areas, and have discussions
  • Students present on topics of their choice. For example, this month, Leila presented on the topic of self-care and showed us how to create a gratitude tree (pictured above!)
  • Join us at our next meeting here on February 19th at 4 pm!
  • Contact Mrs. Sevcik with any questions

The Possibility Project:

  • Are you within 30 credits of graduating?
  • Do you have an interest in paid on-the-job training or career certifications?
  • The Possibility Project might be for you.
  • Look at the flyer and contact your ToR.
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