Perseverance Newsletter

By: Kari Frederiksen

Tom's Life in Chronological Order

First, Tom was born with illiteracy and tuberculosis. Second, he didn't learn as easily as the other kids. He was also always mocked and taunted because of his disability. As he grew up, he still got taunted and humiliated, so he finally asked for help on how to read. Tom also got very frustrated, but he still tried no matter what. Last, after he finally learned to read, he then knew that he shouldn't be afraid to ask for help because it'll eventually be worth it.

Tom's Perseverance Caused Him to be Successful

Tom was having a very hard time in life without being able to read. After many years, he asked for help, and then finally learned to read. This didn't happen because of giving up, it happened because he never stopped. This perseverance caused him to be successful in life. He learned to read, and it probably felt pretty good. So basically, he learned to read after years of illiteracy, and became successful in life.

The Solution to Illiteracy

Tom had a huge trouble in his life-- illiteracy. He was taunted and humiliated because of this. He was very sick and tired of this, so he finally asked for help to learn to read. This help allowed him to actually learn how to read. So basically, his problem was that he had illiteracy and couldn't read. His solution was that he asked for help and eventually learned to read by never giving up.

Story of Tom's life

Tom was born with illiteracy and tuberculosis. Obviously, he couldn't learn to read like most children. It was very difficult for him to go through the humiliation, the taunting from others. They would always make fun of his disability, giving him low self-esteem. When he was an adult, he was sick and tired of this, so he asked for help on how to read. He was very frustrated at first, but he never gave up, he just had to read! But then, he finally learned how by never giving up.