Recipe For a Perfect World

By Thien

why am I doing this?

Have you ever imagined a perfect world with your style? Well I do, I did this because of the world going on today all badness ,crime, wars, destructions and many more I just, just want a better world with no badness and other bad things this is some of my idaes of a perfect world:)


About 7 billion people

1 sun to add eternal life

1 moon

600 billion kilograms of tolerence

Non changing atmosphere

1 trillion kilograms of democracy

1 billion kilograms of creativeness

200 000 trillion tonnes of goodness

8 billion litres of creativeness

Eternal life

800 billion kilograms of happiness

800 trillion packets of democracy

400 billion litres of tolerance

500 billion litres of peace

800 trillion kilograms of goodness

Remove all natural disasters


1. Put about 7 billion people in the world so the world is not plain and boring.

2. Add a non changing atmosphere so the sun rays won't go through and burn us cause if it does we could die.
3.Spread happiness around the world so people would have a happy and exciting life and remove all badness.
4.Give eternal life to the humans so they can live forever and they don't have to be scared of dying.
5.Add tolerance and peace so people wont argue and have wars.
6.Add democracy to the world so it's fair and easier to live.

7.Add 400 trillion kg of goodness and the world would be filled with good people with good attitudes any many more great things.

8.Remove all bad natural disasters.

9. Add 500 000 trillion kg of creativeness to the world so it can look beautiful and be a nice place to live.

10. Mix up all the ingredients together and there you have my perfect world.


Greatest Peace Speech Ever

This what a speech that John F. Kennedy the US president. This speech is about peace and was a really good speech. But he died, he was assassinated by someone. If there was peace in this world he probaly wont die.

Song for Peace KITARO

listen to this song, this song will make you feel or think about something.they say this song is about peace. This video has really good pictures it will help you with you thinking about something.

Michael Jackson - Heal The World

This song is about making the world a better place. This song may encourage people to make our beloved world a better place. This song is for any age and for different types of people.