Our Egg Drop Progect

By: Jesse Carroll and Montana Goodman


First we got 15 balloons and then we put them all in a large trash bag. Then we tied the trash bag handle to the gum container. We put 8 cotton balls in the gum container then the egg and 4 more cotton balls.

How It Works

At first we decided to use a parachute but then we realized there was to much weight so we went to balloons with helium. when we put the bag over it it kept them together so we did not have to tie all of them and it got tangled.


We simulated the landing of the mars rover and made a efficient design that prevented the speed and compact of the ground.


We used tape of keeping the bag shut. We also used 15 balloons with helium to slow down the gravity. Also cotton balls to pad the inside and the gum container to put the egg inside to keep it from falling.


The highest height our project survived was 200m. Yes our design was effective because it survived. Our project uses balloons to add drag so that it slows down. A down fall of having balloons is that they are light so it adds drift. Our hypothesis was that it would survive so it was accepted.

Distance Time Speed Egg Broken

1 75 1.55 48 no

2 98 2.36 41 no

3 125 3.61 34 no

4 200 3.24 61 no