a simple gas can be used for drugs and kill you

What are inhalants? and some examples!

Inhalants are house hold items and things you can buy at the store that are abused. Like cleaning spray, hair spray, paint thinner, spray paint, gasoline, and more. It all those items that are misused or abused inappropriately.
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what are he effects of inappropriate abuse!

Death, blindness, feel different, slow down the nervous system, dizziness, slows down body, Damage to nose, skin, eyes, and liver, uncontusness, ruin the metrsission stystem

Rules and safe practices using these tools.

When you use this tool (for appropriate reason) you should wear a mask, open a window, use a fan to blow away. Make sure you don't breath it in, also you could learn about the harmful effects of these things and learn to stay safe from them.

How many inhalants?

More than 22 million Americans have used inhalants age 12 and over. 175,000 people each year try it for a first time.