one choice can transform you...( by: Veronica Roth)

All about the book,DIvergent

This book is widely known for it's adventurous story and tension. The terrible surrounding and darkness makes you shiver, however one fighter does stand out.

This book is about a shy girl named Beatrice who shares a very close relationship with her mom and finds out many secrets at the end. She looses lots of family and friends but does she give up? She can have many problems like anger issues or can become emotional very quickly. After she looses most family at the end, she becomes very sad and looses her main mission.

The genre for the story is Science fiction. It mostly has lots of made up things, however some could scientifically be true. It does have a little bit of exaggerating statements, however it can be an exciting teenage or kid adventure story. The action of the story came abruptly and was all over the place. Beatrice does end up fighting bad and she does find different ways where she finally belongs in the dauntless faction( a harsh training center in the book). My favorite part of the story was when Beatrice takes the test to determine which faction she belongs in. She sees so many different mirrors and images of herself which makes the test very complicated. I recommend this book because of it's plot and theme. She was a shy and simple girl who saves the dauntless faction from a traitor. It has a great twist to it and that's what makes it very popular. What happens to her family?.... Who becomes the traitor?....... You will have to read the book to find out..... By: Janavi Kolpekwar, Period:5

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Roth, who wrote the book as a college student, has earned a tremendous amount of first book buzz, and the hype is well-deserved. - Sandie Angulo Chen

" Best thrilling book "

"Divergent isn't just some random book in the series, it's something else....."

Best sellers in New York Times


Divergent is one novel that had me jumping out of my seat, biting my nails to the quick..... She's a good narrator, though first-person does make the action/fight ...

The tension spread all over the exciting book which makes you want to read hungry for more....


Published- April 25,2011

Movie released- March 21 2014

Author- Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth-Nov 7, 2011 - (I did a lot of thinking that morning-- I have a post about Harry Potter and... question, I think of another, equally important, source of inspiration.....

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Veronica Roth

Author of the book