Señora Cassidy's Weekly Update

Las Clases De Español - 2 de Marzo al 6 de Marzo

Español 1

Week Plan

Lunes: Ir + A Think Aloud

Martes: Vocabulary Practice with Ir

Miércoles: Vocabulary Practice/Scavenger Hunt Prep Day

Jueves: School Scavenger Hunt (Using Ir, Ser & Estar)

Viernes: School Scavenger Hunt (Using Ir, Ser & Estar)/Reading & Writing Like a Linguist

Español 2

Week Plan

Lunes: Grammar Passports - Subject Pronouns

Martes: Grammar Passports - Preguntas

Miércoles: D.C. Trip!

Jueves: D.C. Trip!

Viernes: D.C. Trip!

Español 3

Week Plan

Lunes: Notes - Ir & Ser/Mi Vida Loca

Martes: Pages 4 & 5 of Irregular Preterite Notes

Miércoles: Notes - Dar & Ver/Flip Books

Jueves: Speaking in the Preterite

Viernes: Reading & Listening in the Preterite

Irregular Preterites Song

Música Martes

La Cintura - Alvaro Soler

Alvaro Soler - La Cintura

After School

This Week...

I am available on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

There is a student council meeting on Friday. If you need to stay after you may, but I will not be able to work with you one-on-one.

Reminders From Mrs. Rosales


There should be no backpacks in the classroom - please keep them in your locker!


Students should not be wearing earbuds/headphones in the hallway as this is a safety issue or during class in order to minimize distractions.

Water Bottles

Water in clear water bottles are the only drinks permitted in school.


Students should also not wear their hats or hoods in school between bells - they need to keep them in their lockers.

Passing Time

Students should be on time to classes. If you are going to be late, please get a pass and then go straight to your next class.

Need Help?

Email me with questions!