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What challenges have women faced in soccer?

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Hi my name is Denise and I'm a sophomore at schlagle high school, i transferred schools during the summer but i like it here i made new friends now their like family but now that i have a new family here and next year I'm going to be a junior i have to focus on what college i want to go to, my dream college are KU university or Berkeley i heard that it's a nice university and that they give good scholarships also in KU but the thing is that i want a soccer scholarship from KU but i don't think so cause there's something stopping me from wanting to play soccer but that doesn't matter at this point all i want to do is finish high school and go away to college.
As a teen i know that i might be ready for whatever is out there and waiting for me i can't wait to live in the real world where i become an adult and live my dream of becoming a soccer player, you see that in soccer mostly men play it right but you need to watch the women play it too they play amazing at it they have inspired me with their skills and their hard work and so that's why i want to become pro at soccer and join the USA women's soccer team...
HIGHLIGHTS: USA v. Germany - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

USA vs Germany 2-0

in this video you'll see that us women never give up til we get to the top you see that they never stopped i knew they couldn't just give up if it wasn't for the coach and us fans they wouldn't be world cup champions but we supports everyone in the world we're always there for those who need us and these women have been there for each other since the day they started to play soccer their beautiful, amazing, brave all women around the world are brave and we never give up....
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In the late 1970s the number of high school women playing soccer was in the low five figures, so yeah maybe not all the girls played soccer i mean they don't have to play soccer all women have the right to play or do what they want, like me i want to play soccer but we all have that one parent that won't let you play cause they think you'll get hurt and that they don't have the money to pay for you injuries but us girls & women are always careful at what they do and i know i can be careful when i play soccer, parents need to learn that what their kids loving doing they should just let them do it because it's their life and not the parent's but the parents already had their chance when they were a teenager now it's our turn to live and do what we love doing...
FINAL HIGHLIGHTS: USA v. Japan - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

USA vs Japan

In this video you'll see that the women's soccer team( USA) won the world cup, well watch the video they did great they never gave up and they did the best they could to score more goals against the other team but i see that japan was upset and they were sad that they didn't win but i know that they are happy and grateful to all their fans, the fans never gave up on them i saw on social media that EE.UU women's soccer team won the world cup they were all so happy even the fans were so excited for that game so was i and they did it they did the best they could and so did the other team i'm very proud of all women around the world NEVER GIVE UP!

Men soccer⚽️

I'm pretty sure everyone know who Leo Messi is right?, well let me tell you Leo is the greatest soccer player in the world he has won 5 Ballon's d'Or you see i know Leo ever time i see him play of course they push him down they try to get him hurt, he get's up and keeps on playing you see Leo never gives up because he wants his team to win the whole team never give up. yes they might get hurt but they come back better then ever like Leo a couple mother ago he got hurt he had to get knee surgery and he was out for like 2 months but me and his fans knew he was going to come back better then he was before and he did that day he came back he was running, passing the ball to his teammates and yes they won they beat Real Madrid at 4-0 Leo might've not had score but he won, Leo won the love of his fans again and again.....
Real Madrid Vs Fc Barcelona 0-4 - El Clasico All Goals & Highlights 21/11/2015 HD
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Women's soccer⚽️

we all know that we have an amazing women in our USA soccer team right?,yes we do we all love her she's amazing at soccer this is why she won a Ballon d'Or for best player in women's soccer for those little girls who want to become a soccer player this is their inspiration they look up to her and cheer for her she's the best at what she does but now that she can play anymore we'll still be here for her and when she comes back and plays soccer again we'll be cheer for her because she is an amazing women.....
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The two best soccer players in the world

Carli Lloyd and Leo Messi