Calgary, Alberta

Heart Of The New West

Landform Region

Which Lanndform Region is Calgary located in?

Did you know that Calgary is located in the Interior Plains which is in west central Canada?

  • The Interior Plains is the 4th Largest Region In Canada
  • The largest lakes in Interior Grat Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, and

Lake Winnipeg.

  • The Interior Plains are often covered by shallow inland seas.

Climate Region

  1. Usually the high temperature in Calgary are 22.2 and the average low temperature is 8.5°C.
  2. The total rainfall (precipitation).
  3. Calgary, Alberta has severe winter but still has warm summers.
  4. The climate in Calgary is influenced by Rock Mountains because of elevation.

In the climate graph you can see that in the months of April to August the hot temperatures increase drastically.

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Hot Sunny Climate

Did you know that Calgary has the most sunny days within Canada's 100 largest cities.

Also there is an average of 332 days of sun and 2.396 hours of sunshine annually.

So Calgary gets the most sunshine in Canada which is really good since it is 2,396 hours.


People can play Volleyball in summer as well as other sports such as swimming, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Since Calgary is the city with most days of sun, you could even get a job or even get your volunteer (community hours).

You could even have fun at the Calgary Zoo and visit many exhibits!

Soil Region

The Soil Region of Calgary is Dry-Climate Soils.

It may not be the best for plants as the climate is dry and if if the soil is very dry with the sun then it is most likely that your plants would die, or you would have to take more responsibility and take care of the plants such as watering them a lot.

But still when the climate is very dry (in the summer) only a few plants can grow in the soil because it can not be grown by the dry soils so the soil is controlled by the roots of the plants.

Once it is spring or not in summer the plants should grow fine as long as the soil is not dry.

Vegetation In Calgary

The Vegetation In Calgary today has grass that is "porcupine" like so straight at the top, spruce, fir trees and some trees not a lot that mostly consist of being straight and pointy.


Alberta, Calgary has natural gasses and coal, so they use there resources efficiency.


The population in Calgary is 1.097 million! Calgary's population has increased a lot has it now as almost 1.1 million people. The picture below shows how the population has increased too.
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Flag Of Calgary

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Where Calgary Is Located In Canada

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