El Salvador

By: Hannah Krueger & Parker Johnson

Population: 6.34 million (2013)

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Size in comparison to Texas

Compared to Texas, the size of the land is about 1/33 of Texas. The population of El Salvador is less than one fourth of Texas's population. This means that the population density of El Salvador is very high because to be so much smaller than Texas and to have not a big difference in the population means that there are alot more people per square mile in El Salvador than in Texas.

Capitol: San Salvador




Antiguo Cuscatlan

Ciudad Delgado



Pupusa- the most notable food in El Salvador

Sopa de Pata- A soup made from cow

Gallo en chicha- a soup made of rooster

Home Life

* El Slavador is a small country

* It is located beteewn Guatamala and Honduras

* The average temperature is 30 degrees to about 35 degrees Celsius

* It is mostly made up of Mountains and Tropical Rain forests

* The official language is Spanish

* There are 3 regions- East, West, and Central


Education is free through the 9th grade (about 14 years old) but only 82% of children make it that far. Only 33% of children old enough to go to secondary school attend. Sadly, 6% of Salvadorian children never attend school.


There are quite a bit of things you can do in this country! You can.....

*Go Hiking

*Go Horse Riding

*Go Kayaking on Volcanic Lakes

*Learn about Mayan Heritage

*Go to the National Anthropology Meusame


*Football (soccer)- Football rules the sports world of the El Salvadorians

*Beach soccer





The most prominent religion in El Salvador is Roman Catholic with percentage of 57.1%. Other religions are also Mormon, Jehovah Witnesses, and Protestant.


El Salvador has a mixture of Lenca, Pipil, and Spanish influences. Music includes religious songs, mostly Roman Catholic, used to celebrate holidays.

Popular Buisnesses

Almost 65% of El Salvador is left unfertilized. Economy and business of El Salvador is experiencing a high rise and the local people are able to reap the benefits of it.


El Salvador's dry seasons run between November and April, with a rainy season in between May and October. The average maximum is 33 degrees Celsius with an average low of 22 degrees Celsius. They receive about 19.4 mm of precipitation each year.


El Salvador uses the same currency that we do! They use the United States dollar.
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The vegetation for El Salvador has a combination of both because they have both wet and dry seasons.


This country is prominently an agricultural country meaning that most of the jobs would be farming.


* El Salvador is known for it's Pacific beaches and surfing and mountainous landscapes

* Most of the country is on fertile volcanic plateau

* El Salvador is a tiny Central American Country :)

Coatepeque Caldera

This beautiful land feature is a volcanic caldera!
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