Nathan R. Tyler Lozes. Sam Marshall. Rooks Hunter. Cameron C

Obstacles Regarding the Creation of our Group

First and foremost we would have to create a core group of individuals who would function as the leaders of the group. We would have positions such as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Since we have no money to get our group off of the ground we would have to do fundraisers like selling t-shirts, and car washes. This would not only help us with our starting costs but it will also help us market our group to the public and grow our membership. To prevent us from having to fundraise often we would have a small yearly membership fee.

Strategies to Grow our Group

The idea and message of this interest group is very powerful. We have all the resources and man power to startup this interest group. All we need now is to get our word out there so others can hear what our message is. This can happen by mobilizing public opinion. There are many different ways this can be done. One way our group will get public opinion is by the fundraisers that we do. These consist of car washes, selling T-shirts,etc.These fundraisers would be very helpful in getting our group started and getting our name out there. Another way our group could receive public opinion is by going to different high schools and pitch our ideas. This idea is very beneficial because these students are getting ready to go off to college. In our pitch we would explain and show how expensive college is. We would then go on to explain that our idea could be very beneficial to them. This would be one of our main ways of getting and mobilizing public opinion. The last thing we would do is create a website. On this website we would have our message that we want to be heard. This would be our other main way of getting public opinion and help start to persuade elected leaders. Another way we could influence elected leaders would be to go outside of court houses or anywhere we know elected leader would be, and protest. We would have signs, banners and flyers. On all of these things would be the link to our website. Our goal would be for these elected leaders to go and look and the website to get them onboard with our plan. We are still trying to think of new ideas that will aid us in reaching our goal.

Other Interest Groups

Our group has heard of different groups kind of like ours. In fact thats how we thought of the idea to make our own interest group.If it weren’t for these groups, our interest group would of never got started . One group that influenced us was the Student Aid Alliance interest group. This group gave us many ideas that help kickstart our own interest group.

Other Interest Groups Strategies

We the people at NOCASH might consider to follow the patterns of other interest groups pitching the same topic as us. As we said earlier we will raise cash due to fundraisers on occasion and make money from a simple membership. Both, Student Aid Alliance and College Insight, two very well known organizations who pitch the idea of college being too expensive and they had all sorts of tactics including raising money in any way possible. They really got word out to the public so we thought that we should stick our subject out there to the public by making websites just like they did and really having an influence on the people. Do this by letting them know that college is more expensive than it sounds and nobody deserves to be in debt over a degree that carries them to their next step in life. Another strategy we noticed these groups had were that a variety of ethnicities and social classes were in favor of this so they weren’t a biased organization, this may be helpful with the public behind our backs it only makes the argument towards the government more valid.

Do Young American Intrest Groups Have a Chance?

As much as I would like to say young american interest groups can make a difference in politics its not realistic. Last year two political scientists conducted a study to see who really shapes policy outcomes in our government. The study found that the wealthy people of America and business controlled interest groups are the two main groups that influence our governments decisions. This study also found that mass-based interest groups level of contribution was near zero.