The Pentagon

By: Evan Jiang and Erde Wei

History of Place

In 1941, over 13,000 workers, worked worked day and night on The Pentagon. The Pentagon was built during 1941-1943 and completed January, 2014. The pentagon is located in Arlington County, Virginia. In 2001, it got attacked by terrorists and 189 people died, including the terrorists. The southwest side of the building was destroyed.

Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to build The Pentagon without windows to protect it from potential air raids, but the building engineers convinced him that a building like that would be impractical.

Description Of Place

The Pentagon is a large five-sided building is located in Arlington County near D.C. The Pentagon is also one of the world's largest office building. The Pentagon covers 29 acres of land. The Pentagon has 5 floors and is made of steel, reinforced concrete and some limestone facing.

Importance of Place

The Pentagon serves as he Headquarters of the Department of Defense, which is the Army, Navy, and Air Force. About 23,000 military and civilian employees work at The Pentagon.
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