A Brave Nerd Never Gives Up

Nerd Word by Susin Nielsen

About The Book

The main character in this book is Ambrose. Ambrose is a nerd and he gets bullied a lot. Ambrose is kind and caring. Ambrose loves to play scrabble with his mom, Cosmo, and everyone at the Scrabble Club. The setting in the book is in Canada. The conflict is that Ambrose goes places with Cosmo and lies to his mother. The conflict is solved when Ambrose gets caught he had to tell his mom the truth.

Summary Of The Book

This book is about a boy named Ambrose. Ambrose moves frequently because his moms a teacher at a college. Ambrose is kind, caring, and helpful.Amborse loves to play scrabble with his mom, Cosmo and the scrabble club. Ambroses mom is overprotective, sice his dad died and his peanut allergy. Ambrose lives in a basement apartment of a nice Greek old couple. The Greek couple always invites them over for dinner.The Greeks couples son came back from jail and his name is Cosmo. Ambroses mom doesn't want him to stay near Cosmo. Ambrose finds out that Cosmo loves to play scrabble too. Ambrose makes Cosmo too take him to Scrabble Club. Cosmo falls in love with the host of Scrabble Club Amanda.

Ambrose gets taken many places with Cosmo but, Ambrose lies to his mom all the time. When Ambrose gets caught with Cosmo he had to tell his mom the truth.

Johnny Orlando- Never Give Up (Original song)