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Fort Sumter

For the safety of his men, Union general Robert Anderson moved his troops to fort Sumter. Within months, the confederate general wanted fort Sumter for it was on southern property. When the confederate started to fire on Sumter, then it got serious. The Union didn’t return fire for two hours because there ammunition was scarce. Finally they surrendered after a long 2 days and with no casualties. Wasn’t the most exciting battle but it was the beginning of the war.


This battle was the bloodiest day in American military history. The reason being, it was lead by rage due to Maj. general Joseph Hooker’s death. The death fueled the union to attack the confederates left flank with great force. Even though the north were raged, they had a lot more casualties than the confederate by about 2,000 men. The casualties was at an unbelievable 22,717 troops died fighting for there side. 12,401 casualties for the north and 10,316 for the south.


The confederacy general John C. Perberton, wanted to take over Vicksburg. Union general, Ulysses S. Grant, stopped the impending forces with a mass of northern troops. For the southerners to escape the situation they though to kidnap local people prisoners. Many of the causalities were actually captured local farmers killed. This led to major complications in the battle. Surrendering didn’t work and south seemed to be resorting to surrendering themselves.


When Robert E. Lee won the Battle of Chancellorsville, him and his men needed supplies. They set their sights to an abundant farmland in Pennsylvania. He also wanted to win a battle on northern soil to get the north discouraged for war and to go back to slavery. But when Robert found out George Gordon Meade was in Pennsylvania, he set his men around Gettysburg. As the war went on and the casualties rose there was no sign of the light at the end of the tunnel. Although, when southern troops started to flee there was still hope for the north. After the blood was shed, president Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address in honor of the lost lives in the war.

Sherman's march to sea

Sherman's march to sea was an attempt to scare the union by marching rom Atlanta all the way down to Georgia. Sherman brought 60,000 some troops and walked 285 miles to Savannah Georgia. Sherman did not completely destroy all the towns on there path but they stole food and supplies and burned houses of those who opposed. This is important because Atlanta was the main railroad station and industry port. So seizing it was very important to Northern battles. It was also on Southern territory so it made the victory even sweeter.

Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher was one of the only battles in North Carolina and had two parts to it. The two battles was mainly for defending one of the NC blockades from blockade runners. This was the last major confederate port in the south. This fort was the only thing standing in the way of the northern blockade runners and the port. It won first battle but failed the second in an epic fail against the north. This was a major lose for NC and the south.

Appomattox court house

This battle all in all was not as exciting compared to (other battles). It was mainly the last battle in the war and all it was the confederate general surrendering. The interesting thing was that the general could have cut off the Northern troops and squashed them like a bug easily but didn’t. Instead he surrendered for no known reason. People believe that he was as sick and tired of the war as his men. Think about it, the war would have gone on longer if he had cut off the north troops. It would also have complications to today’s life and history, We might be just as segregated as late 1970’s. the ending Triggered the surrender of southern troops and a domino effect for the conclusion of the civil War of the United States of America 1861-1865.

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