Nuclear Weapons:

Why should we get rid of them?


Li Li Layden, Katie Lilley, and Colin Moore

Nuclear weapons are so terrible, they just aren’t bearable!

Remove them today, so that your descendants will stay!

Main Reason to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

If these weapons were not here then we wouldn’t have to threaten people and we wouldn’t have to risk these weapons making a bigger conflict. If we could stop these weapons we could stop different countries from abusing them and focus on their economy.

The picture shows that the nuclear bomb count is decreasing, which is very good. ^

Real Facts To Support The Reason

Danger Factor = HIGH

Scientist say that the dangers of the nuclear weapons (such as fires and the smoke) are causing climate changes. They are calling this the “Nuclear Winter” theory. It causes a that particles of smoke and dust produced by fires caused by many nuclear explosions would, for a time, block the Sun’s rays from reaching the surface of Earth. This will reduce temperatures and change wind patterns and ocean currents.

Deadliness = EXTREME

Since there is only about 7 billion people on Earth, it would only take about 7000 large nuclear bombs to wipe every human off the Earth. A megadeth is about 1 million deaths, so it would take about 7000 megadeaths in order to wipe human existence.


On average, regular sized nuclear weapons detonated over a city would burn away around 40 to 65 square miles in less than a second.