Mrs. Webb's Spiderlings 2019-2020

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Dear Parents,

We are so excited to be your Room Moms for Mrs. Webb's class this year! We had a fabulous meeting Tuesday morning, and have a lot of information to share with you. We are excited to support Mrs. Webb and her class this year. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Brin anytime during the year. We would LOVE to have your help, and looking forward to getting to know your families.

Lindsey Corder, Collyns' mom



Brin West, Chace's Mom



Spoiling our Staff Members

Of course throughout the year, we will be spoiling the one and only, Mrs. Webb, but every class also has an adopted staff member. Mrs. Webb's adopted staff member is, Jennifer Wright, the school secretary! YAY! I have attached her Favorite's List, along with Mrs. Webb's Fav list, so you will know the things they love! As always, this is completely optional, but as a class we will be celebrating her along with Mrs. Webb this year!

Mrs. Webb's Favorite Things

Mrs. Wright's Favorite Things

Mrs. Jennifer Wright

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Secret Suprises

We have created a way to surprise our sweet staff members with a Sonic or Starbucks each month of the year!

If you would like to participate, click the link below, sign up for a time, and treat our two to a surprise drink that day!

Surprise Sonic or Starbucks Signup, CLICK HERE!

Parent Communication

We would love to have help throughout the year. If you feel comfortable, and would like to be contacted and invited to help our class, please click below. There are so so so many ways you can help out at the school or from home! Please reach out, and we would love to meet you and help get you involved. We will also be sending information to Mrs. Webb to pass along to the entire class, but if you would like us to contact you to help with parties and other things around the school, please leave your information below.

Parent Volunteer Information

Join the Class Facebook Page!

We have created a page for the parents to communicate and plan events, and things for the year. The link is attached below. We would love to have you all join, and share ideas here!

Mrs. Webb's Spiderling's Facebook Page

Party Money!

This year our students will participate in 2 fabulous class parties. The holiday party will be in December, and the End of the Year party will be in May. If you haven't already, please log on to Toolkit, and join the PTO and pay your party dues. Each student is encouraged to pay $10 to cover the parties they will participate in this year! We are at about 50%, so I have added the link below!

Pay your Party Dues HERE!

How Can we Help Mrs. Webb?

Mrs. Webb would love to have a Mystery Reader visit her class each Friday morning at 10:00am. If you would like to be the SECRET reader, please sign up on the link below. You must complete your background check in order to participate.

Mrs. Webb's Mystery Reader Sign up

Background Checks!

Just a reminder that all parents who would like to volunteer or attend field trips must complete a Prosper ISD background check. I have attached the link below! :) They mentioned at the meeting to do this now, so they will have the parents cleared for parties, and events that are coming soon! Every parent will have to complete a new background check annually!

Background Check, CLICK HERE!

Supplies for Mrs. Webb's Class

Here are some things that Mrs. Webb would love to have help purchasing! Again, this is completely optional, but if you would like to help provide supplies and such for the class, here are the items Mrs. Webb has mentioned would be awesome to have!

Spiderling's Amazon Classroom Wishlist

Classroom Supplies Needed:

dry erase markers (skinny black)

Small ziplock baggies (snack and sandwich)

Baby wipes

Paper plates

Page protectors

White card stock

Kleenex boxes

paper towels

Hand soap


Class Parties

December 20th- 9:00am-10:00am Kinder Holiday Party (in classroom)

May 22nd- In the morning End of Year Party (more info. coming soon)

VIP Birthdays

Mrs. Webb's Birthday is in June, so we will celebrate in May!

Mrs. Wright's Birthday is December 8th!

BOYER PTO Contacts

Lauren Mitchell, Room Parent Coordinator


Jessica Carns, PTO President


April Kahle, PTO President