Mrs. V's 7th Grade Biology Class



The next unit we will be covering this year is genetics. We will be learning about dominant and recessive alleles, Punnett Squares, and predicting probability and possible outcomes for various crosses.

What a Face!

Our project for this unit will be predicting possible traits. Students will obtain two coins from their teacher and mark each side of the coins with "D" for dominant and "R" for recessive. Students will then flip the coins to determine the genotype and phenotype for each of the facial traits. Students will then record the results and determine the genotype and phenotype for each trait. Students will then draw and accurately displaying each trait. A poster will be created by each student in a clear and creative way to display what students have learned. A rubric will be provided when project is assigned.

Let's Take A Look

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have dimples? Why can't I roll my tongue? What is a widow's peak and do I have one? We will look at several characteristics and identify through the creation of pedigrees what our genotypes and phenotypes are for these traits.

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We are really excited about this next unit. Please be sure to share anything you may have with us as a class to make this an even more exciting and interesting unit. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks for all your support!