Facts about Me

From- Caleigh Sharpless

My Life

In my life I can be mean and nice at the same time but only if people are rude to me and my friends. My friends are Maddison, Lexi, and many more! I make this for you because I want you to know everything about me.

When i was little

When I was little I would... hang around my family when they cooked so when I grew up I would know how to cook. I would also color in coloring books but I don't as much as I did when I was young. I was very immature and irresponsible. My pre-k through 5th grade teachers were, pre-k Mrs. Kim, 1st Miss Muir, 2nd Mr. Hovater, 3rd Mrs. Hagenson, 4th Mrs. Tompkins, and 5th Mrs. Layton and Mr. Hampton. When I was little I walked backwards in Wal-Mart and I turned around and BANG! I hit a pole. That is what I did when I was little.

What i do and Love now!

This time in my life I love Justin Bieber I always have and always will. I work my hardest in school, I try my best to be nice to people, I am a bully guard for Lexi Shipley and her,my,and my sister sarah's friends, I also like a guy at this school and I am not saying his name because when I dated Emmanuel Frazier it got around the school in a snap.

What i am Afraid Of

I am afraid of many things. I am afraid falling and breaking a bone in my body, getting shot with a gun, going face-to-face with a bear or fox or ware wolf. Another thing is is that having my crush know I like him, and that when I am dating someone that it will get around the school and people will make fun of me.