Stella and Dot


Booking in Tight

I am a planner. I like to prepare now for the shows I will be holding in June and July. I really don't like to wait until May to figure out when I will book my shows in May. That part of me will never change. There is; however, something to be said about booking in tight. Many hostesses think they need lots of time to plan for a trunk show in order to get all of their friends to attend. Sometimes, when people are invited so far in advance, they have no idea what they will be doing, and they wind up forgetting about the show by the time it rolls around. As you are trying to book up your May, let potential hostesses know that some of the most successful shows are planned a week in advance. I know exactly what I am doing next Tuesday, and so will most guests.

Booking in tight can also include a show you decide to host yourself. You are allowed to "double dip" twice per year. That means you can host, collect hostess rewards and also earn commission. You can pick a date and have a show!

An office, lunchtime or happy hour show is also an easy way to hold a trunk show. Pack up some lookbooks, order forms and a portfolio of your favorite jewels and off you go. There is very little preparation for the hostess. It is a great alternative for a busy, working hostess.

General Booking Tips

  1. Always warm up a potential hostess by sending a mini, look book, email link introducing yourself as a stylist and maybe pointing out a piece you think they would love or a new line launch. Direct them to your site to check it out.
  2. Give them a day or two to read and consider your message.
  3. Then, make contact with them via email, text or phone offering two potential TS dates.
  4. Don't take "no" personally. You will hear a variety of reasons why it's not the right time for the hostess to have a show. Very rarely does anyone say "I will never host a show!" Keep them on your list for a later date:)
  5. Be consistent and patient. Schedule time per week to devote to making contact and reaching out to potential hostesses.
  6. Offer to make the experience very easy for the hostess. Create the invites for her. Tell her you would be glad to assist guests who cannot attend with their orders. Tell her to feel free to give out your phone number and email address.
  7. And, as always... share your enthusiasm about Stella and Dot and our truly awesome line of jewels, bags and companions!