AZA's NEW Products FOR SALE!!!!!

The Time Hat, The Time Watch and The Time Sneakers...

Why make these AMAZING products?

AZA chose to manufacture the Time Hat, Watch and Shoes because of their unique qualities. I mean, where have you seen a product that looks THAT GOOD?? AND can they FREEZE/SLOW DOWN TIME? NOWHERE AND NEVER!!! People around the world know AZA for creating unique and innovative new products the people have NEVER SEEN IN THEIR LIVING LIFE!!

Our Awesome Products

Who's your marketing audience?

We chose to market these products to 12-18 year olds because of its tremendous impact on our target buyers. We chose to market to this specific age group because they would need some time on their hands, get it, time! Kids these days just don’t have enough time, according to them, because they’re too busy playing with their gizmo-gadgets like an "EYE-Phone" and the "Nintendo Weeeee"!! So, AZA decided to dedicate this new line of products to these deluded, adorable little children.

We ARE AZA!!!! ☺

Making trustworthy products since 1147 C.E. !! Making useless products since NEVER!!!

AZA's 10 Year Anniversary!!

Saturday, May 25th 1157 at 1am

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mississauga, ON

Come to our store and help make 10 years so much more special!!