Myths of Gifted Learners

Three BIG Ideas

*Without a definite way to define giftedness the process of identifying and serving learners can vary.

*Gifted learners are good role models for struggling learners.

*Gifted learners develop socially and emotionally faster than their same age peers

Two Questions and One Action

1. It is hard to ID GT leaners. What tool(s) can we use to make sure they are consistently identified and served? I know we have moved to tiered pullouts but as far as activities etc that can be used in the classroom. The CogAT isn't the best indicator for Kinders.

2. For Kinders, how often should the GT facilitator be in our classrooms monitoring and/or doing lessons with our learners?

ACTION: I am guilty of using mixed ability groups from time to time. Often times I am using same ability grouping as well. However, after reading how it can hinder learning I will be more mindful with my grouping.