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About Cellulite

explained the disease

He explained that the man shows him the disease if the virus was transmitted to him from someone else externally even if the man was a carrier of the virus in his own blood, but women are either susceptible to disease, cervical cancer, or a carrier of the virus externally on the skin or in the blood.

The World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health responsibility to allow people who suffer from these viruses to allow them to donate blood, despite the fact that these viruses are weak and the immune system can be eliminated, and that the disease appears on the skin only, because it is a skin disease,
although it is said to be happening in mucosa of both the vagina and the cervix, urethra, rectum, and in oral sex in the pharynx.

He added that if such a case is discovered and treated early, it leads to the possibility of skin cancer for both sexes, or cervical cancer for women.

The prevention of this disease be giving females in age from 12 to 17 years for a vaccine against this virus and this is what is done in European countries because of its seriousness, and also prefers to avoid men, sexual promiscuity, and not to use the tools of others and blood transfusion Content of this virus.

He pointed out that to treat such a case, there are several ways, including Touch chemical or electrical laser, and advised using chemical because it does not leave any scars and also cheap and gives great results.