By Jacob Busch

What heritage/background are Colombia's people and what religion do they practice?

Today, Colombia's population is made up mostly of mestizos. The main religion is Roman Catholic. Mestizos are mixes of Native American and Spanish backgrounds. When the Spanish came to Colombia, they got together with Native Americans and had mestizo children. The Spanish followed Roman Catholic faith and that soon spread to Native Americans, making it the top religion.
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Why don't a lot of people live along the coast?

The reason not a lot of people live along the coast is because it is swampy and densely forested. The rain forests are hot and humid.
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When did Colombia earn its independence? Who did they declare it from?

Colombia earned its independence in 1810, from the Spanish. In 1808, Napoleon invaded Colombia. In 1810, they earned their independence.
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What natural resources can be found in Colombia? How do they help the economy?

Natural Resources in Colombia include coal, emeralds, oil, nickel, gold, iron ore, natural gas, platinum, and silver. They help the economy because they can be sold to other countries for money. Colombia is the worlds top emerald producer. Colombia has more coal than any other country in South America.
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