NBC News & Prom Update

May 17, 2017

Now Scheduled to Air TONIGHT!

Change your DVR setting! Just received an email this morning that the 'Inspiring America' story is now scheduled to appear on tonight's broadcast at 5:30!

'Story About the Story' from WREX

In addition to the NBC Universal crew who was here, WREX News also had a crew of 2 (you can see them in the background in the photo on the right) here to interview Kevin Tibbles about how the story came to be. Watch it here while you wait for the 'big story' tonight!

Click here for the WREX report.

We have been bumped by President Trump

May 10: Mrs. Brubaker just received the following note via email from

NBC Universal producer Carol Eggers who was with us last week for the Prom story:

Latest update is that this will air sometime next week. I suspect that Lester’s big interview with Donald Trump has bumped a few things off the calendar. But we will keep you posted when we know more.

And I cannot say enough about the Aquin community. I am ready to move to Freeport and enroll my kids just so I can go to that prom again.

It was great working with you and Laura.



Aquin Prom Story to appear on NBC News 'Inspiring America'

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting the production crew from 'NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt' for an 'Inspiring America' segment. Kevin Tibbles, 'Inspiring America' correspondent and 3 of his crew members were at Aquin on Thursday and Friday recording interviews with alumni, students and staff about our unique Prom tradition.

We are happy to report that all the crew commented how 'awesome' this tradition was, how great our students are and how much they enjoyed their time in Freeport (which included lunch at Union Dairy, a trip to Krape Park and more)!

Currently, the Aquin 'Inspiring America' segment is in the hands of the production crew in New York. It is scheduled to air on Friday night near the end of the broadcast. If that schedule changes, we will let you know.

Watch for a complete wrap-up of Prom 2017 after this segment airs--it has been quite a year for our attention-grabbing prom tradition!

Stay Tuned!