Hoosier Day!!!!!

Superhero with a another?

The fight.

She was about to win agaist The Great Disaster until......oh and the girl how is fighting TGD is Future Girl.Plus her powers are healing were she can heal someone very fast, and transportation were she get somewere how she wants to.

Invited not

Then The Shifter came and was not asked to come and help.TGD grabed her and thourgh her and she died. The Future Girl came and with her powers brought her back to life.These two are know working together and when falls the other helps.Sadly Future Girl is the sidekick.oh and The Shifters powers are shape shifeting and affect objects end weather around her.

Going to jail

They never let The Great Disaster go instead they let her go to jail!!!!!!!! Also the Shifters family joined in the group so there group is called FF5.