Keeping Accounts Safe Online

for the gamer!

the first step

make sure if you have a computer virus protection software that it says its safe, if it asks you to sign up for anything, don't play r download the game. some games where it is safe include minecraft and world of tanks, world of warplanes, and world of warships (not out yet)

the second step

Make your username hard to guess, like a name that doesn't have any private info or clues to your pasword, and make your password have capitals, numbers, and symbols.

Playing The Game

Good behavior online

make sure not to say anything innapropiate online and keep discussions brief and focus on the objetive. Examples of good things.

you go left get their attention and i will surprise them.

not a good example

the f word

dont talk about anything personal to others that ask you, don't reply if thy consistently ask you the same questions, and report them to.

ending the game

make sure you log out when you finish playing, hackers could tap your account, and it also allows people to know that you are not playing

Play fairly and don't hack into the game also!(its ok to ram other tanks head on)

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Now you know the rules, you can go play now!!! :-)

here is the most Over powered tank in the game, the Maus

has the most armour, the most hit points or hp, and has a great gun, so in a sense, it is unstopable.

here is the t-28, its huge, it has a lot of asrmour and the most powerfull gun in the game, it is also labled on one of the tracks.

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