The Riebli Record

May 15, 2020

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STEM@Home7 Be a Maker! (see description)

Supplies needed for STEM challenges this week

Supplies Needed for Each Challenge:

(Pick the one you already have supplies for, that you find most interesting!)

Paint with Water (begins @7:28)

1. Water (in a cup)

2. old paint brush

3. food coloring

4. sidewalk

Do the bubble challenge (begins @9:31)

1. Dishwashing liquid

2. water

3. Bendy straw

4. Paper towel

5. Smooth counter or table

Mrs. Hopkins’ dad, a retired middle school science teacher, taught her this Bubble Challenge See Mr. Fotinakes’ video:

Build the Tallest Lego Tower (begins @18:17)

1. Box of legos

2. A Tool to measure with

3. A Sturdy surface to build on

Make a smoothie (begins @19:08)

1. ice and fruit

2. or frozen fruit

3. a blender

4. Optional items: ice cream/yogurt, milk/non-dairy milk, juice, peanut butter

Design a paper airplane (begins @21:59)

1. Paper

2. Maybe scissors

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Science Fair

Every year the Mark West District holds a science fair with amazing student projects and exhibits from community organizations that work in science related fields. This year we will be holding our district science fair virtually! Please use this MWUSD Virtual Science Fair website as a resource if you would like to participate. Even if you do not participate, be sure to check the website on Thursday, May 21st at 5:00 pm or anytime after to view all the projects made by our students and work together as a family on “Remote-Ready Science Escape Room” puzzles too!
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"Once I was Really Scared” by Chandra Ghosh Ippen read by Mr. Cooper

"Once I was Very Scared"
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