New York

The NEW of York!

The new colony of New York was split in half and was attempted to be governed to satisfy both groups. They governed by guaranteeing Freedom of religion, while also distributing large portions of land. They assumed that the freedom of religion would bring some in, and feudal land policies would keep some out. This lead to New York having a general assembly, which in the end stumped New York's population growth.
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My husband and I have recently made a big move. We are in what is no New York. We were lucky enough to have freedom of religion as Dutch, with ample land along the Hudson, something I have dreamed of for so long. Although after everything that had gone in between the Assembly and the king I am unsure what s in store for our colony. Our colony is in a stall, and many are not coming over, as many are not getting along. The king would not grant our charter of liberty's and Privileges. My husband says the king thinks he would be signing over too many rights and freedom to us. More than any other colony has had. It is the reasoning of our move here though. We are here to enjoy our freedom, in our home, our land, our church. We came for what was offered.
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We The People: A History of the United States Volume 1: to 1877 2nd edition