Card city

Home of the card games

Our shop sells the best cards in town

Now a days a lot of people don't play card games so we thought we could bring it back to original to new card games we welcome all.

Come to card city

We are open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and we are closed on Sundays and Holidays.

What we have

You thirsty well we have a big place for drinks,you want to relax we have you covered ,you want to play we have the best place for you to play card games,you need new decks we got Pokemon Yu-GI-oh,regular cards,fancy cards you name it we got it and you can get the cards for a small amount. We even have tournaments for Pokemon or Yu-GI-oh for only $10 to get in. Entrench fee is only 5.99 and we have waiting room for all parents and the parents can get a drink of coffe and its only 3.00 the tea

Why you need it

Are cards are good for rainy days to hang out inside with your family with all the fun card games like Uno,slap jack,speed,trash and all of above so come in!