By: Jacob Mondry

Everyone needs to vaccinate!

I think all parents need to give their kids vaccinations. People think vaccines are as dangerous as the real disease, but they aren't. Would you rather have a 90% risk of catching measles, or would you want to vaccinate? Some people still don't vaccinate, which puts themselves, and the community in danger. This flyer is about whether or whether parents should be able to opt out of vaccines.

Vaccninate to stay healthy!

According to Marc Siegel, measles are coming back because of vaccinations. People aren't vaccinating, which makes them catch diseases. Paul Offit wrote that people thought vaccines will harm you, but according to recent studies, they won't. The Los Angeles Times said that kindergarteners in a school district have a very high risk of getting sick. 14% of the kids aren't vaccinated. Parents need to vaccinate their children to keep the community healthy.

Vaccines hurt our community!

According to the Doctor's video, vaccines can harm kids and give them diseases such as autism. Julia on the video says, "The pharmaceutical industries' bottom line is the dollar, but my bottom line is my child. I don't trust the pharmaceutical industries." This proves that many parents don't trust getting vaccines.

What is the issue?

The problem with vaccines is that they can be dangerous. Vaccinations can make kids unhealthy, but can also make them safe from diseases. Many parents are trying to opt out of vaccinations, but that would just put their kid in more danger. If kids don't vaccinate, then there is a high chance that they would catch the real disease. Vaccinations are here to keep kids safe.